About Us


Why we're here...

To help people embrace the story they were meant to live.

At STORYCHURCH we believe in a God who is intimately involved in our lives. He’s a God who has been telling a story of love, of hope, and of grace from the beginning of time until now.

The Story

The story begins with the statement “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” It ends with the phrase “Behold, I make all things new.” This is the story of God and it begins and ends with creation. The very act of creation is a statement of love. God created us and everything we see in order that He could have a relationship with us. It’s a story of a relationship that becomes broken, and is ultimately restored through the person of Jesus Christ. And it’s a story that continues to be written every day by followers of Jesus who seek the restoration of all things.

Your Place In The Story

We all have a story. Each one is unique. Most of us want our lives to matter. We want our stories to be the kind of stories worth telling. At STORYCHURCH, we’ve come to recognize that the only story that’s really worth telling is a story about a life laid down for the sake of another. It’s the single mom who works two jobs and still finds time to play with her kids. It’s the family that gives up their vacation in order to go serve AIDS orphans in Africa. It’s the husband who fights for his marriage and refuses to let it fail. Or the student who befriends the loner no matter the cost to his own social status.

When you embrace the Story of Jesus, you become a Storyteller. Your life, your decisions, and everything that you do becomes a message to those around you about the hope and love and grace of Jesus. At STORYCHURCH, we take this very seriously. We want our lives and our actions to be consistent with the same Story that Jesus told – as He laid down His life for us.

As Christians, we take seriously Jesus’s concern for the poor, the outcast, the marginalized, and the oppressed. As His followers, we stand for Justice, for Hope, and for Mercy. We partner with Him in the restoration and reconciliation of the world.