About Us


STORYKIDS is the children’s ministry of STORYCHURCH from birth to 5th grade.

Our 9:30am Service offers programming for birth through 5th grade.
Our 11:15am Service offers programming for birth through 5 years old.*

*During the 11:15am service Elementary kids can pick up an activity bag at the registration table or join our bonus room for supervised fun.

We believe children have a place in God’s Story right now, not just when they get older.

StoryKids takes place every Sunday during service. We plan each week specifically with your children in mind and our time together includes a Bible story, age appropriate games, crafts, and discussion groups. You’ll find our check-in area clearly marked when you first walk into our building.


STORYKIDS is a safe, secure place for you to leave your children. Our STORYKIDS staff are all background checked and never serve alone.  Upon check in, your child will receive a sticker with their name, any allergies and a code. In case of a problem, we will use that code to page you. At the end of service, please use the matching sticker you received to pick up your child.

Genuine Care

Our goal for STORYKIDS is to create an environment that will help your child to grow in a relationship with Jesus in an age appropriate manner. Each room is staffed with two dedicated volunteers who will engage with your child to provide a safe and fun time.

  • Our nursery is for birth-24 month olds. Our nursery staff makes sure to change diapers, rock sleeping babies, and play with our walkers.

  • Our toddler room is for 2-4 year olds. We introduce toddlers to God’s love through the major stories of the Bible and incorporate a coordinating craft.

  • Our elementary rooms (PreK through 5th Grade) harness the energy and wonder of our students through games, discussion time, and a chronological study through the Bible. We focus on what these stories teach about God and why they matter to us at home, school, and with friends.


At STORYKIDS we know you spend the most hours with your child each week. Therefore, we want to resource you with ways to foster faith-based conversations at home and help you grow your child’s faith.  Each month you’ll receive our e-newsletter covering what Bible stories we are covering and ways to bring the stories home.


You can pre-register your kids by clicking the “Plan Your Visit” button you see on the bottom right of your screen. This will allow you a simpler check-in process on your first day. This is an optional step to help make your visit as easy as possible, but absolutely not necessary if you’d rather not.


To ensure the health of all the children and adults within our Children's Ministry, as well as any immunocompromised individuals within our congregation, we ask that your child be symptom free for at least 24 hours before admitting them into STORYKIDS.

Helpful guide for determining whether your child should attend STORYKIDS this week:

Has your child had fever, diarrhea, or vomiting in the last 24 hours?
Has your child been sick and not on an antibiotic for at least 24 hours?
Does your child have discharge in or around their eyes?
Does your child have a green or yellow runny nose?
Has your child been coughing frequently and/or excessively?
Does your child have a communicable disease?

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these, we ask that your child not attend STORYKIDS this week. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping all of our children healthy!

Click here to download the .pdf


Have an older kid? AWESOME! Our STORYSTUDENTS group would love a new member. This ministry is for students in grade 6 to grade 12.