What is a Family Dedication?

Family Dedication is a special event to thank God for the precious gift of your child – Psalm 127:3. It is an opportunity to publicly declare your intentions to raise your child(ren) in a home where Jesus is central and to impress upon them to love God, by talking about all the good things God has done – Deut. 6:4-9, Psalm 78:1-8.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a magical ceremony that creates perfect children. It won’t guarantee easy parenting. While we are dedicating our children to God, which is a powerful, spiritual, and mysterious thing, we are, more than anything, dedicating ourselves to be the kinds of parents that point them toward Jesus.

Remember that you are not alone – as your church community, we are here to support you in your efforts!

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What to expect:

The Ceremony

  • Recognize the responsibility you have to pass on faith to your children

  • Publicly commit by consenting to vows

  • Congregation also commits to you

  • Pray for you and your kids

Questions for Parents/Guardians During the Ceremony

  • Do you confess your faith and commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord?

  • Do you acknowledge that your child is a gift and a trust from God, and that you are responsible to God for his/her Christian nurture?

  • Will you pray for your child’s salvation and teach your child the way of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ?

  • Since your child will learn by both your word and example, will you set a Godly example in prayer, Bible reading, church attendance, giving, and serving others in your church home?

  • Do you, at this time, present your child before God, saying that whatever God might want your child to do or be, you are willing to release him/her to His perfect plan?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this baptism?

No, for us baptism is something that a follower of Jesus does after they willingly choose to follow.

Can extended family and friends participate in the dedication?

You are welcome to have anyone you want participate in this at the appropriate time. Recognize that while they join you in prayer, you are primarily responsible and accountable to God for these children.

At what point during the service will the dedication take place?

It will take place toward the beginning of the service, prior to the sermon.

If you have any other questions, email us at hello@storychurch.org.