Epic 07

What do we do when we feel inadequate to be part of the Story God is telling? Do you ever feel like that? The leaders of the early church felt very much the same way. This week we looked into the start of this movement as Jesus handed off the story to his followers, and we asked “What was he thinking?!?”


Epic 06

Jesus primary message was of the kingdom of God. This week we explored the fact that the kingdom is upside down and completely different than anyone expected it to be. In this grand EPIC story that is unfolding we learn that all the promises we’ve been waiting for are finally here, now. And this kingdom is bigger than any of us expected it to be.


Epic 05

This week our series took us into a portion of Scripture known as the Prophets. The prophets were there to call people back to the Story God is telling. They remind us of the heart of God and reignite in us a passion to join Him in what He is doing in the world.


Epic 03

Why doesn’t God just reach down and fix what’s broken? What is the plan here? Part 03 of our series explores God’s plan for the restoration of the world, and the fear and doubt that often keep us from participating in it.


Epic 02

Have you ever started watching a movie from the middle? It still sort of makes sense, but there’s a sense in which it feels incomplete – like maybe you’ve missed something important. In part two of this series, we talked about the importance of starting the story in the beginning – the very beginning.

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